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When the camera turns into the soul eyes

9 abr

Do you know Amy Hildebrand? Her blog is a sweet gift!

She’s blind and can see parcially only some colours and shapes, but her pictures are amazing and full of soul. Beautiful! Check it out!


With  Little Sound

Photo by Amy Hildebrand


Fotografia HDR

9 abr

Matéria interessante sobre fotografia HDR, da Publistagram. Vale leitura.

Nice report of HDR Photography.  (In portuguese)


In pictures: Kodak’s development

20 jan

Sad to see the company ending like this…

*Check it out clicking on the photo. (By

Photo by Mary Evans Libray

Wilton de Sousa Junior vence com Dilma (by Estadão)

19 jan



Dilma ajuda o fotógrafo Wilton de Sousa Junior a vencer o Prêmio Internacional de Jornalismo Rei de Espanha, na categoria Fotografia, com uma foto um tanto dramática…


Photo by Wilton de Sousa Junior

Pinhole fantasiada de Laica. (by Brainstorm9)

19 jan


Quem viu?

Pinhole fantasiada de Laica. (by Brainstorm9)

Great tutorial

13 dez

Fanfarlo – De.con.struc.tion

13 dez

Gaddafi is dead

20 out


Yeah, Gadaffi is dead. Check the slideshow photos from Reuters to this historic day for Libya people.

Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

20 out

Who saw this new amazing camera?


Photographic Exhibition ‘From Salt Lake to Sao Paulo’

2 out

If you can check it on National Art Gallery of Namibia. It’s until 07 October 2011. Must be interesting and hope it comes to Brazil too.

Selected black and white photographs from Hutterite, Americana & Brazil.

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